Wilesco Steam Roller black nickel D368

Item number: WI-D368

The existing range of the steam roller Old Smoky will be enlarged by a black nickel version.

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The existing range of the steam roller "Old Smoky" will be enlarged by a black/nickel version. Look at our steam roller and you can see that familiar products delight you anytime. Let us introduce you our new steam roller D368 which is created due to the rising demand for show case products in nickel design. It has - like the familiar steam rollers - a chimney which is really smoking and can be used with a suitable mechanical remote control. You will find this decorative model on lots of desks around the world soon!Length: 32 cm Width: 15 cm Heigth: 20 cm Netweigth: approx. 2,3 kg Special gift box: 36 x 23 x 18 cm Boiler volume: 240 ccm Heated by: Dry spirit tablets